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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  August 28, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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5:00 eastern. johnny us then for the latest "buzz.">> donald trump talking h again about immigration after a week of waiver on the issue. the republican nominee stumping in ohio yesterday you having to immediately deport illegal immigrants with criminal records. hello, welcome to america's news headquarters. >> hello, this is the renewed focus on the issue is over questions of his supposed softening of the stand on immigration. shifting the vow to create the deportation force, which he promised he would kick out, all 11 million illegal immigrantses and new he addresses that issue of immigration some time over the next couple of weeks.
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here are more details from washington. >> eric, the new campaign manager, kellyanne conway explained the softening as more approach than policy saying trump is consistent on no amnesty, no sanctuary city and sticking by the issue to build wall and make mexico pay for it but when it comes to whether trump supports a deportation force, conway would not say when asked by chris wallace. >> he said in the campaign and on the debate stage and i was this as a moderator i will set up a deportation force and all 11 million people who have come to the country illegally have to go. do they or don't they? >> what do you say now, he will look at that but he want -- the softening is more approach than policy were atomorrow he is off to a fundraiser in california and then washington state and on wednesday a rally in arizona.
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high was expected to use that event by the border to dig in deep and dwayne his immigration policy. but now the campaign said focus on wednesday is on party unity not immigration so that is the second time in a week that donald trump is postponed a policy speech on immigration and the running made said it is still going to happen and it will happen over the next two weeks. he would not say exactly when. >> first, the speech was last thursday. in colorado. then postponed. and this week or next week as you said in arizona, now, postponeed. >> some time over the next two weeks. >> we will wait for it and the clarification. >> thank you. >> on the democratic side, alleges of a pay to play scheme causing controversy for hillary clinton and critics say major donors to the clinton foundation got special favors from the state department. the d nominee and her catch deny the claims but now a group said they have evidence of the
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practices. we are in new york city with more. >> yes, newly obtained e-mails by citizens united, a conservative group, show what they claim is new evidence proving hillary clinton's state department gave special access and favors to clinton foundation donors while she was secretary of state. the e-mails first published by abc show communications between top clinton aide aberdeen and found official doug band where he requested have it take for guests to a state department lurching with chinese president in january of 2011. the gifts donated millions to the clinton foundation. there was a special request to have one of those executive guests sit at vice president joe biden's table and all three have not said in they attended the lunch. the state department said there was nothing illegal about state department officials having contact with clinton foundation staff. in a statement to fox news a
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spokesman said and i quote, "state also made clear that the department of officials are in touch with a wide range outside individuals, organizations, and nonprofits and think thanks and others as part of normal business." citizens united is a right wing group that is attacking the clintons since the 1990s and again is trying do make something out of nothing. clinton's running made tim kaine tried yesterday to clarify comments he made on friday where he said to an almost entirely black audience that donald trump is pushing ku klux klan values. >> i does not say that, yesterday what i said was, guys connected with ku klux klan were out claiming for him and the record of sometimes he doesn't disabuse that and...sometimes he seems to want to take advantage of that and i find that very troubling. >> this comes as donald trump
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has renewed effort in outreach to the african community and hillary clinton is fundraising at three events in the harsh tons in new york with no public events until wednesday in cincinnati, ohio. >> brian, thank you from new york. >> eric? >> it is a rough weekend in the coming week threatening to bring powerful winds and heavy rain to florida keep an eye out for it is, of course, janice dean in the weather center, it will not be a sunny week in the sunshine state. >> i don't think so we will watch a now things out there and we will get the peak season in the tropics and look at atlantic basin. we have a major hurricane here, looking pretty on the map but not gone to affect us in the united states. good news. drop 258 depression eight off the coast of the carolinas and tropical depression nine so two of the storms we think are going to get a name in the next couple of days and this storm, tropical
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depression 8, watching very carefully as it comes close to the outer bangs and a sharp northeast turn most of the computer models indicate this, we are watching this, tropical depression number nine, we also think it is going to get a name and, perhaps, could be trouble for the gulf of mexico. there is tropical depression 8, i know, 8 and 9 and we do not thing it will affect land but we could get rough surf, rip currents, outer bands of the rain and the winds. tropical depression 9, we just got a 9 here and it is upgraded to a depression and now we will have a track. these are the tropical storm models and you can see they come interest good agreement on tuesday and wednesday and we do not quite know what happens must of the reliable forecast models have been making landfall sometime on thursday in the panhandle of florida and i make mention it is budget water in the gulf of mexico notoriously
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breeding ground for tropical storms and hurricanes. take that with measure here. we could potentially see a strong tropical storm or a hurricane we still have several days to plan in this but it is worth mentioning that we have not seen a major hurricane hit the united states in over 10 years so we need people to prepare. not only for the gulf coast but the atlantic coast, as well, because the models show it moving into the atlantic into the weekend and labor day. a lot to make mention of and we will track it and bring you the latest. >> if should take hide. the name hurricanes how come they say tropical storm nine it sounds like you are talking military maneuvers. >> it is giving a tropical depression first the when it becomes a storm it is filmed. we think either hermane or ian and then upgraded to a hurricane
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with winds up to 70 miles per hour. >> thank you. >> fox news alert now, a charter because crash in louisiana killed two people and sent 30 others to the hospital the bus was carrying dozen of volunteers on their way to help flood victims in bag rouge. police say that the buffers lot control near the scene of an early accident and hit two cars and a fire truck. it sent three firefighters over a guardrail and into a river below killing one of them. police say the driver of bus did not have a license. >> so tragic. >> there is outrage over what some consider unpatriotic act by san francisco 49 quarterback kaepernick refusing to stand for the national anthem at a reseason 49ers game on friday. he said it was significance racial inequality in our countries and drawing the ire of angry and offended football fans
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some burn his jersey. some politicians are weighing in and pete king is branding what he did "an insult." now to the west coast burrow with more. what is the nfl saying about what kaepernick did? >> the nfl said that players are encouraged but not required to stand during the national anthem and kaepernick said that he is well aware of this and it is a bigger issue than playing football. he said he will take the cops that go bit. we are seeing fall out. a last fans taking to social media to voice their disapproval. look at some. it is about being a veteran it is different when you put that, i understand his . of view but i don't think it was the right arena to do so especially with the national anthem and how that means so much more to other people. >> a lot of reaction on twit
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twitter with new york giants offensive lineman tweeting i will be standing during the national anthem, thank you to all, gender, race, religion that put your live on the line for the flag. >> a way to make sure you are not the starting quarterback on oning day, and dallas mavericks owner, mark cue batch defeat he did not they a bomb fire or shot or a riot or a punch or start a business or yell at someone, troll anyone but he sat this quiet bring i may noted in his perspective but he taught us we can still disagree peacefully so opinions on all sides. >> any indication that the until plans any time of action of any sort? >> at this point, it is unclear. you can look back to 2014 where you had five players with the rams walk out into the stadium with the hands up don't shoot gesture and they did not face
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fines or penalties and this year, they had a very strict uniform policy and the nfl denied the cowboys the ability to honor the five police officers who were shot and killed in july so we will have to wait-and-see exactly what their mine set is on the future for colin kaepernick and any other players who may make similar decisions not to stand for the national anthem. >> vice president biden makes a statement about when guantanamo bay will shut its door. >> battleground state could decide would will sit in the oval office, could it be florida? a last eyes are on the buckeye state this time.
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>> the chicago police charging two brothers with murder in the shooting death of n.b.a. star dwayne wade's cousin. czar win and zaire written sorrell were trying to shoot a third man when they shot
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aldridge instead pushing a baby in a israeler. accrues in only are battling a wildfire blocking an entrance to yellow stone which has closed some areas of the park but other parts are open to visitors. all the turkish president is promising to destroy terrorists after bombing cross the country, saving tanks across the syrian border after weaks of deadly attacks by isis and occurred iran mill -- kurdish militants. >> now turning our focus to a key battleground state, ohio which is critical for donald trump because no republican has ever, ever won the white house without winning the buckeye state. according to our poll there is ground to make up. this is showing hillary clinton leading 43% to 39% with some
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backing gary johnson and some green party candidate. the gap between donald trump and hillary clinton is more narrow there than other swing states. we have republican strategist and a federal seen director advisor to the current ohio governor, john kasich. jay, welcome. you are in columbus, and the headline of the dispatch quotes the governor your former boss as saying and i quote, "he gives trump a chance to win ohio." the governor boycotted trump and refuseed to step' convention, why has the thinking about the trump candidacy changed? >> i don't think the thing has changed. his point all along is that donald trump has not had a vision for the country, a positive vision for the country which is what is many voters look for. you cannot just be significance something you have to be for something. donald trump has to learn how to talk the entire state. we have a very diverse state. the reason he is swing we have
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everything, we have farmers, urban, suburban, and you have to be able to talk to all kinds of voters and the position of john kasich has not changed but he is renecking ohio is a swing state. >> before he did not think he would win, why does he say it is possible donald trump could pull it off? >> look, we are reading too much into one quote from john kasich where he said things are possible. legislations are always, any candidate can win an election in the state. on what will happen close by. donald trump starts off at major deficit. he has clearly demonstrated he is not able to reach voters cross the state. there is another thing we have to remember, we don't have election day in ohio we have election month, 29 daze of early voting and people slay is plenty of time to turn the ship around but early votes starts around the corner. >> is there any indication how
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the early voting is beginningst i have been in cuyahoga county for the presidential elections and the grand game, president obama kept the office open all throughout the state, through the eight years that he was president, until 2012, and that mid-a difference -- that made a difference in cleveland. all the ground game has started and hillary clinton campaign has been here a long time and donald trump got a late start. there is in doubt there is a deficit. i am worried about the campaign where the trump campaign said it is not is important as hillary clinton. >> what is data analysis? >> we are talking about a close state where it could be two, three or four points, those voters for the turnout game, that is important. i know that the hillary clinton campaign is on top it but i am not sure that donald trump has
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much of a data analytics program in the state or the country. we will watch that. awhat will happen? right now? donald trump is well behind. what is really important, donald trump is polling at 80 to 85% among republicans and hillary clinton is polling at 95% of democrats. that allows her to go on the offense and take some of the disaffected republicans and you are seeing with her race speech last week trying to go after people, especially the suburban women, where i would look on election day, what will happen in he the suburban women that voted for trump and romney, will they stay home? will they hold their nose and vote for hillary clinton or bite the bullet? >> two of three are bad for trump. >> can he make it up? >> anyone can make it up but waiting for wikileaks explosions is not the best strategy. he is softening the stance on
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immigration which helps but it could be too little too late. >> we will will see. it is a major force. especially in cuyahoga county. thanks for have us. patti ann? >> what is it like to be a woman on the donald trump campaign trail? harris talks with headquarter a trump of leading a coalition to encourage more women, mothers and people color they vote for her father-in-law. laura is the wife of eric trump, and with the race so nasty now, she asked, why jump into the fray? >> if you wanted to sit back and be supportive you could do that why put yourself out there? >> this is the most important election of most of our lives and we have an opportunity right new to turn around the direction of our country and if i can change the way that people see donald trump and show them the man that he really is, the good-hearted man, that really wants to put our country first,
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put machines first, i am happy to take any criticism i get. >> you can watch the entirety of this special talk with harrison the fox report at 7:00 p.m. tonight eastern. >> vice president biden make news this past week saying he expected the prison at guantanamo bay to shut its doors before president obama leaves office in january. here is more. >> that is my hope and expectation. vice president answering whether the detention center is closed by the time president obama leaves office. >> one g.o.p. senator said "no." critics say only the hardcore jihadists are last who could return to terrorism. >> president obama's own task force determined that must the remaining detainees were too dangerous to transfer and right now what is happening at the love the detainees who supposed to be tried offer held are now being approved for transfer.
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>> the pentagon transferred 15 detain yankees from gitmo to the united arab emirates the largest under president obama to date. of the 800 prisoners held since 2001, 61 trend, and 20 are eligible for transfer. the republican chairman of the house armed services committee reacting to the comments in state for fox news "the only people who want to bring terrorist detain yankees to our shore are president obama and viewpoint bide where vice president majorities have consistently acted to prevent them from being transferred here ." some must stay in custody the >> some should not be released and he has no plan to release but he believes it can be done safely. perhaps more economically. house the detainees in a facility here in the united states. >> there week, there was a review board similar to a parole hearing for one, consider add high value detain yes base of
3:24 pm
close tied to. only and other high ranking leaders saying he was "generally aware of commending 9/11 attack attacks," and some of the former colleagues continue to engage in terrorist activities. >> thank you, from washington, dc. >> patti ann you it detail about the note that donald trump's doctor releases saying three would be the health of the individual ever elected to united states. >> what would lap to the clinton foundation in mrs. clinton becomes president, and what they will do. >> they say in hillary clinton becomes president, this will stop. they will step accepting donations from phoneers and corporations. why would they do that in it is perfectly fine? in not, why wait until then?
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>> brand new revelations of the note from trump's on the nominee 's medical it isness say he is more healthy than charles atlas after attacks on the health of hung >> the health of the candidates is notable, in trump wins
3:30 pm
particularly the letter his personal doctor released in december that had a now details but, memorialbly, lauded the physical strength and stamina and declared state would be the left it individual ever elected president. on friday, the doctor said he threw that heard together in five minutes while a limousine was waiting outside to pick it up. [ inaudible ] >> some of the words did not come out exactly how i intended. >> federal candidate, dr. ben carson is calling on both candidates do release a more detailed medical history and the donald trump campaign said they will release the reports when hillary clinton does but hillary
3:31 pm
clinton said they have in plans to do that any time soon. >> the clinton foundation taking steps this week to avoid any potential conflicts of interest should hillary clinton be elected president in the fall. the organization announcing plans for both hillary clinton and bill clinton to step down from their roles if that happens. their daughter is planning to stay on the board and hillary clinton said it will take time to shift the leadership of the clinton foundation to other parties. >> you do not just turn and off a switch trying to negotiate with pan groups takes a lot of serious effort. >> here is what will make sure, that the good work that the programs are doing continues. i know the foundation is looking for partners but that will take time to carry out. >> the g.o.p. strategist and mark let veteran a radio show talk host, thank you pore joining -- for joining us.
3:32 pm
hick said the foundation is linked to numerous pan groups and it will take time and individual negotiations for each partner to find the right fit and mrs. clinton is not stepping down unless and until she wins the election leaning open the possibility that people seeking influence could hurry up and get in their donations now. mark, should moves to spinoff the foundation have begun sooner to avoid the conflicts? >> remember how much good the foundation does. this is half of all adults with aids and three-quarters of children with aids all over the globe get their medication because of the clinton foundation. it helps 430 million people away the world, 18 million american students everything from child obesity to women getting equal pay, and this is something that is a major, major operation. it does a lot good. so, george bush sr. did not shut down his foundation raising money for his library weapon his son became president of the united states and i understand
3:33 pm
why they shutting it down to avoid appearance, but do not pretend there is anything wrong. >> as you know this is a controversy because of the accusations that mrs. clinton while she was secretary of state sold access to her office in exchange for donations to the foundation, the latest batch of released e-mails from the state department showing that big donors from nongovernment agencies have been rewarded with access to mrs. clinton at the very least and that access might have led to other benefits. we see how the dnc chairman is defending that on cbs news. >> when republicans meet with their donors, their supporters, they ask in it is called a meeting but democrats call eight conflict of the it is not pay to play unless someone gave someone 50 cents. >> david is that true you cannot call it a quid pro quo unless someone gives you cash unless they want to by a meeting? isn't it more subtle? >> we do not know what was said.
3:34 pm
that is why we cannot temperature in it is pay to play despite what donna brazile said. the clinton foundation underscores that the fact that it does -- the foundation is irrelevant haven't to the topic at a whole and it speaks to who hillary clinton is, as a person, and the clintons will use any vehicle they can to use, bend, or break the laws to their advantage and it is why the public policy center had a focus group that a democrat did the folk us group and found that of all those participating, what of them gave her a "1" on the question of we honesty and no one gave a score above a "6 "on honesty. it is a vehicle for clintons to do what they want in being above the law. mark, isn't pay for play usually more subtle than someone
3:35 pm
actually saying, i'm doing this to buy influence with you? in your political position? >> i find this whole discussion amazing. every legislation in the un, federal, state and local, tens of thousands of politicians, take money from donors and many of them meet with their donors, that is exactly what david's organization does, raising money and, in fact, when newt gingrich ran it he said for $1000 you can get an uninterrupted hour with not gingrich to influence him on our policy. that is our system. now, democrat are fighting against this system and we do not like money in politics. we want it to be transparent. the republicans said, no, we refused to disclose our donors and the clinton foundation has disclosed all donors and the money is not going to bill clinton and hillary clinton but to help people an the globe where republicans are pocketing this money. they developed the system, they part the system, do you support overturning citizens unite asked public financing and all of the things we liberals want on get
3:36 pm
money out of the system? no, look at donald trump's economic advisors, who are they? a bunch of white male billionaires who stand to profit from his policy. >> thank you, gentleman. wait, wait, mark left out that clinton sold access to them through the lincoln bedroom and i know it was 20 years ago but they allow zoe nors to buy the ability to sleep in the lincoln bedroom. >> let david finish. all the finance report that mark is championing is a bit perhaps -- look, he lives in a state in virginia and runs as state delegate in a state in virginia where they have no campaign finance laws. >> and republicans like it that way. >> in fact, mark, you --. >> support that. >> you phone out a republican governor does not do anything and the supreme court was with
3:37 pm
him he met with a donor and was not given access. >> he does more than meet he paid for the daughter's wedding. >> i have to wrap, guys i am being told. maybe you can finish this off camera. thank you both, david and mark. >> you need one of the nfl whistles. >> in north korea they vow to blow the lights out at the dmz and open fire on our troops. what happens in they do? in answer, there are talks of new sanctions but coming up a new study said kim jong-un pay not even care. >> and an execution in cold blood by hateful rat cad terrorists of we isis and friends are honor her legacy of caring and concern for others.
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nausea, upper respiratory tract infection, and headache. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take, and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ask your dermatologist about otezla today. otezla. show more of you. >> family and friends remember a young woman, a symbol of the spirit of our nation, killed while being held hostage by isis in syria. a playground was dedicated in her memory, the grand opening of the lay ground in prescott, airs, her him town. all in honor of kayla mueller, the 26-year-old humanitarian aid worker taken hostage in syria back in 2013. she was held there for 18 months before the obama administration confirms last year she had been killed. organizers say the playground honors her dead indication to helping children. >> the fan are proposing a new immigration rule aimed at
3:43 pm
attracting the best the best to the united states, people lick elon musk, the find -- independencer of pay pal, and tesla and spacex. the rule would not need congressional approval, and there are pros and cons of a program. here is the columnist with the "washington post" who is joining us. >> you say a pro why would another country benefit from an individual's fantastic talent if we can bring this person here? >> that is it. pay pal is a company that is green to be a from value founded by immigrants. you look at the data, 50% of the companies that are more than $1 billion in value, tech companies, have been found by immigrants, patti ann. attracting immigrants and keeping them here when they are educated here, it is a really big thing. you look at start-ups, there was
3:44 pm
a big study a few years ago between 1977 and 2005, existing companies lost a million jobs start-ups created three million. the government is trying to get start-ups more here and they want immigrants to be here in america and to give them annan advertisement to be here. >> job creation is another big pro but credit is disapproval of the idea of a value on someone's potential benefit. so many are turned away but a select few get the welcome mat base on whatever criteria, some feel that is unfair. >> it is interesting when you say that, i thing it is true, it is like pay to play. you have to show you own 15% of a company and you have to have $350,000 in american investors so the entrepreneurs with the money are getting the priority to stay in the country. some people argue that they do not contribute that much to over
3:45 pm
all g.d.p. but i don't think that is the biggest con the biggest con of the legislation and it is not even legislation but a rule, an adjustment to an existing law that is out there. honestly, someone -- hillary clinton expert -- supports it and donald trump does not. it will obviously go to the supreme court. if you are an entrepreneur, a phone immigrant and you want to stay in this country, are you gone to take the risk of doing that when this is a good chance it could get overturned in the courts and you could be booted out of country depend on which way the law goes. until there is legislation about this and overall immigration reform my prediction is a last immigrants and investors will be hesitant to take advantage of the role. >> when does it take effect? >> right now, it is just prepared. there is a 45-day period where people can comment and what president obama is hoping is it thats affect before he leaves office in january, some time in
3:46 pm
the first quarter is when it is expected to take effect. >> it does not need congressional approval? >> it does not. it is fought law. in donald trump is elected he could overturn it, so, again, a big risk if you an entrepreneur and you want to take that risk to stay in the country. >> we see how it goes, thank you, gene mark. >> patti ann there is a troubling report dealing with north korea. the sanctions are not work asking why that is and a we can do, instead, to bring that rogue nation to heel. (ray) i'd like to see
3:47 pm
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their pro curement has gotten better. we have imposed sanctions but they have responded and innovated. sn we think is a way too disrupt and break up north korea inc. and that will make it harder for them to procure material and technology for their weapons and missiles program. you are right, eric, you are absolutely right. they have crossed the nuclear threshold but some distance before they are able to build a second strike. a real nuclear capability in a military sense. i think there's a strong reason
3:52 pm
for us to disrupt north korea inc., work with china and try to prevent them from acquiring more technology and weapons-related materials. >> what should we do that we are not doing now? >> one of things we are not doing we are not focused on north korea inc. i have met people that didn't know north korea changed their tactics. we have to deal with china. there's a dilemma. china doesn't want north korea to have nuclear weapons because it's bad for them. if they squeeze north korea, north korea will collapse and they will have a failed nuclear weapons state on their border and they don't want that. how to get around that dilemma? we say, my kl league john park and i say go to china and use your domestic laws, the things you are committed to, anti-corruption campaign, counterfeiting and focus that on chinese firms that are helping north korea inc. >> do you think that would do
3:53 pm
that? do you think the chinese play ball? they protected the north koreans at the security council for years. >> it's true but it is true more recently, this weekend they supported the u.n. statement condemning the missile test. they are saying they won't it as a policy. when i was in china, i have to tell you, i was shocked by the response. we had a lot of people nodding heads and showing interest in the report. i think there's a chance here. as long as north korea is getting 90% of goods and services from china we have to engage china if we are going to have progress. >> maybe they are getting fed up with kim jung un's regimes. they are saying they are going to blow the lights out at the dmz. the lights on all night at the border and open fire if need be on our troops. there are 28,000 u.s. troops stationed in south korea. should we take this type of bluster seriously and what does
3:54 pm
it mean? >> they have said a lot of those things and haven't done them. i think they are smart enough to know if they start a war they are going to lose. one thing kim jong-un doesn't want to do is lose power. we see this as annual play pchl every august, every time the u.s. and south korea have exercises we get these provocations. i don't think they want a war but i do worry sometimes, you know, you and i have talked often and sometimes i said we are one dead fisherman from something spiraling away. i don't think they mean it but we have to be careful that people don't make mistake and events spin out of control. >> every july 4th they will fire off a meet missile. >> they know how to get attention and have proven that for years. >> thank you for joining us. good luck with the study. sounds fascinating. >> thank you very much. appreciate it. it's a sign of the times. a texas real estate agent using
3:55 pm
the contentious campaign to boost his business. >> look at that. sgll almost every day at 8:00 in the morning when everyone is sitting on i-35 we will get three or four calls and people are calling and saying, i don't have a house to sell yet but when i do i will give you a call. ♪"all you need is love" plays my friends know me so well. they can tell what i'm thinking, just by looking in my eyes. they can tell when i'm really excited and thrilled. and they know when i'm not so excited and thrilled. but what they didn't know was that i had dry, itchy eyes. but i knew. so i finally decided to show my eyes some love. some eyelove. when is it chronic dry eye? to find out more, chat with your eye doctor and go to it's all about eyelove, my friends.
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a real estate agent in austin, texas, is using the passionate politics of the 2016 election as a sales pitch. >> christopher watteres has the billboard up. and it has the faces of hillary clinton and donald trump and reads leaving the country after the election, we can sell your home. he says his business is getting a lot of calls but the true test of the effectiveness will not come until november 9th. that of course the day after the election.
4:00 pm
travel agents get in on this. >> that does it for us. harris faulkner is up next with "the fox report." we're on breaking news with the storm system gaining strength in the caribbean and the concern for florida. it's been churning out there and on the move more than a week. a short time ago, forecasters upgraded it to a tropical depression. it's the time of the year, as you know we watch these things and sometimes they climb up the scale of intensity. that's what we are told to prepare for. they are expecting it to happen as they are calling tropical depression number nine. if it becomes a tropical storm as early as tomorrow it could grow a name. fp the current track holds true, it could be on florida's doorstep by thursday. millions of people in florida getting ready in


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